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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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Bitcoin Day Trading $1 into $500 Challenge Firts Time on G5APK


Feb 19, 2022

100 usdt because we are almost at 200 in our account up from one dollar guys welcome back to the channel everybody my name’s artie with coin castle and this is not bitcoin today this is going to be a special episode where i try bitcoin binary options trading and try to take one usdt all the way up to 500 usdt completely casual video completely not scripted we’re gonna do this kind of like a live scenario so

i’m going to open up the coin castle exchange i’m going to have all the links to everything that you guys need down below but how we’re going to start this i’m going to start off my account with one usdt actually it’s got a dollar 91 in it and we’re gonna do bitcoin binary options trading these are 60 second bitcoin options so basically i just need to guess whether the price is going to go up or the price is going to go down or be higher or lower in 60 seconds if i’m right in that 60 seconds i get 80 profit so with a one usdt bet it’s 80 cents usdt profit and then we’ll keep going up and literally do the most aggressive strategy ever i’m also going to have a trading view up on another screen i have the holy moly package bought on trading view so i have second tickers on candlestick charts which is going to help me see moving average crossovers support and resistance rsi levels so i’m going to use all the tools at my disposal but i’m going to show you guys that i think this is possible i don’t know yet we’re starting this video so let’s take uh let’s take me down a little bit and let’s get uh let’s get long short up so basically what we’re gonna do i’m gonna show you really really quickly you’re gonna pop up google right so google you’re gonna type in the search bar or you

can check it out in the link in the description below and on the left-hand side all the way at the bottom here it says apps you are going to click on let me move my face hold on you guys can’t see this boom see how it says long short right there this is the game that we’re going to be playing i’m going to move my face back to where it was because it was pretty over there yeah we’re going to click long short and we’re going to play but i’ve already got that window open i just wanted to show you guys how to do it follow the link in the description down below basically what you’re going to do is you’re going to type in the amount that you want to risk right here i obviously have one dollar and 91 cents so i’m going to start with one dollar and we’re going to go long or short i am looking at my trading view chart here i don’t have it on both screens because it’s going to take too much real estate and i kind of want you guys to get a nice feel for uh what’s going on here the chart behind me is live up to the second uh bitcoin price holy crap it hit 17 000 like that’s great i’m gonna edit this video down because i don’t want you guys to wait 60 seconds every single time i win or lose so this was just the intro and now i’m gonna get into actually going so i’m watching for moving average crossovers uh we’re seeing a little bit of price resistance right now on the 200 moving average and basically i think the price is going to go up now

if the moving averages will just cross over we’ll go into our first position now if you guys are wondering how to do this or how not to do it definitely do not uh over trade do not trade every 60 seconds because sometimes the price action doesn’t move like as you can see now the bitcoin price is literally flatlined right here so i’m waiting for a nice movement okay so we we started to go down a little bit let’s see if it continues that downtrend that would be really nice we’re doing 60 second trades during this time you get a timer that goes for 60 seconds and if you’re winning during that 60 seconds it flashes green if you’re losing during that 60 seconds it flashes red and again 80 profit payouts hopefully we stay in the green that would be very very nice little spike up keep going down keep going down please thank you so we’re doing extremely extremely aggressive trading here guys the reason we’re doing it this way is because we’re risking one dollar to get to 500 we’re gonna do one dollar once we get up enough we’re gonna do two dollar bets three dollar bets five dollar bets ten dollar bets twenty dollar bets but hopefully it does not spike up and we will win so now we’re gonna do two usdt and we’re gonna try to basically every time we win we’re gonna start doubling it again waiting for a nice movement on the bitcoin price could i think i’m gonna go long here guys i think i just saw a moving average crossover so we might have some luck and go on the upside or not you never know i think i think it’ll go up though yeah keep going keep going there we go nice comfort buffer zone right now i think i think we’ll get a nice solid pump out of this one and again guys you have to realize that when you have a moving

average crossover like that you can’t just go off of the moving average crossover you have to anticipate in 60 seconds where that price will end up if it’s a quick correction and it’ll start going down the other way you have to foresee that so for right now we are in the green uh one profitable trade hopefully this one will end in 12 seconds and be profitable and two seconds we are ready to go boom awesome one again so we’re two back-to-back trades let’s go for usdt on this trade [Music] all right so we’re at 13 right now on this bet so we’re just going to keep watching the price see if it goes down um this is becoming very very uh interesting because i mean such a small time frame and such like rapid bets and constantly not trying to trash my account um or my little nest egg that i’ve created technically i’m not suggesting that any of you guys trade like this like if you want to risk one dollar and try to double your money that’s great because you’re only ever risking one dollar if you look at it in the grand scheme of things but do not bet like this for your entire account so we got ourselves another winner and we are at 23 dollars right now let us max out the bet at 23 and we will keep on going if you guys are seeing this chart right here you see how the price action was going down and then it’s starting to level out that means it’s losing some momentum and should start going up we are also seeing a movie average cross over and we are below that 17 000 level so we we do have some room to grow hopefully we can go in on a long position right here in just a moment so i decided to go short because it rejected really really hard on the 200 moving average um

we should maintain this downward momentum for just a little bit just enough time for us to get through the 60 second option but maybe not it might actually start coming up i don’t know this this price barrier right here this 16 900 level 16974 like it seems to to not like it but it i mean i saw a couple of rejections here with the moving average crossover so hopefully we can maintain the down and we have ourselves another winner [Music] okay so after a long wait we are still waiting to get into a good position i don’t really see which way the price is gonna go so we went in on a long position um i’m seeing a nice break in the price where we went above a certain resistance zone so hopefully we 

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