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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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Change imei Any Android & IOS Device Root 2021


Feb 22, 2022

 How to regulate Android IMEI number?  In this article we will learn how to fix IMEI of any mobile phone.  It’s easy to modify the IMI of any company’s mobile phone by road, but if there is a whiskey, you can turn it over.  First you need to copy the native IMEI number of your device, so if you force the local IMEI to be fine, you can easily lose it later.  To take advantage of your Android’s local IMEI number, just dial * # 6 # in case of dial pad.  Or you can press Sustain on Settings> About. 


Now accept the chameleon phone application on your Android device and join the module and click on IMEI changer app.  After that, you rely on restarting your Android device.  Or you can try a soft reboot to quickly restart your Android device.  After restarting your Android mobile, IMEI changer on the right side of the entry.  This is your real IMEI number, the current IMEI will appear in another.

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