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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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How does blockchain actually work | Blockchain explained 2022


Feb 24, 2022

 In blockchain, or once suggested, as soon as bitcoin, if I want to send and receive bitcoin to someone, I can start a transaction, behind the cell phone, anywhere in the world. The transaction is transmitted to all of the 1000s nodes 10 networks that are verifying the system, except for the requested digital, transaction. So there is no central message where a central power manages to decide whether you are going to be careful in sending these funds or not. 


Do not send it for another 24 hours. You know, we have to insist on what the new fall is, in front of us we allow you all kinds of things that are complete. There is a central function of controlling what is happening. Well, it allows the available trade flow and allows it to happen abruptly. Then it verifies the transaction using the network algorithm, that’s enough. And later the transactions merge when each of these parts, you know, is to create a block of data after the new transaction, so it is saved, and that supporting data is one. Supports blockchain in a transparent and unaltered manner. You can’t believe it. So for those of you who bought a Bitcoin sponsorship in 2013, you can let go of the publicly led ledger and see how far this transaction has contributed, it’s totally a Becomes verifiable. And is incompetent with transactions. So, you know, except for simplicity,

we’re proposing to plug in applications here but one clean application is that it gives everyone a financial entry and out of the whole world, there legal As there are billions of people who do not need to enter into the subject of the world, getting people to spend in this world is a mess for them to enter the financial instrument for adequate care. We were at a conference here a few weeks ago, and one of the speakers shared that he would publicize to you that the bitcoin would feel more and more in a show of human sympathy, especially for the world. Increased human efforts will be mobilized.

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