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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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OCTA-FX Trading App Reality | Is It Safe To Trade There? :


Feb 19, 2022

 AoA, My Name Is Muhammad Shahzad Today i Want Share Greetings You must have listen about OCTA-FX. For reality must watch this complete video.


OCTA-Fx representative contacted us for advertisement at our social media platforms. He told us to advertise OCTA-Fx & audience can start trading at OCTA-Fx. I said how students will trade and earn online by this? He said, we will provide a joining link with bonus promo code. By this people can join. People can deposits Dollars (Money) and can start trading instantly. That representative doesn’t know that we do have knowledge about trading & investment. I told him ok, but the person who is joining should know about fundamental & Technical analysis before trading. How to read price chart, which currency pairs to trade and what should be the timing? He told me that they have strategies & by copying, people start their trades. I told him that every broker provides that information about trends, indicators & market analysis. Tell me valid reason, is it necessary to have trading knowledge before opening an account or not? He told me,

knowledge is not necessary before account opening, you just open account, deposit money & start trading. I inquired, how it is possible. I know a little about trading. He said, big Youtubers like Ducky bhai & Zaid Ali, those too advertise Octa-Fx. We will give you money and you advertise OCTA-Fx, simple. I said, no it’s not possible as if a person don’t know about trading then how he/she can start trading. Then I searched & there was huge difference in OCTA-Fx stats with Trading view and investing.com. There was market manipulation at OCTA-Fx. We do provide trainings that how to do technical/fundamental analysis, 1st you will learn and then trade. People losses their money with proper knowledge, social media is full that open account & start trading. Without learning it’s not possible, after learning u can open account with any broker you like. 1st step is learning, with it you cannot get benefits. And if you want to learn about it, like we also provide training, I am not saying u start learning from us,


u can start with anyone else. But I will attach a video feedback in description, of our students who got training & they are trading successfully. 

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