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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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REAKING: Lok Sabha Organizing Lecture on Cryptocurrency in Parliament | Crypto Bill Update


Feb 28, 2022

 I am going to share a very important and quick update regarding crypto description.  So, as we mentioned earlier, in our 2022 budget session, financial credit vis-vis cryptocurrency may not be listed.  And today we get to see where our budget session 2022 started.  And the billing list is already here.  But cryptocurrency financial credit is not included in the list of these bills. 

This means that we will not see any further proposals in this budget session 2022.  But here is the big news and that news is that a campaign has been organized inside the Lok Sabha.  And inside it will be a pledge of corrupt currency.  And what effect could cryptocurrency have on the Indian economy?  Which will be discussed here.  And this lecture is naturally held exclusively for MPs.  The lecture is scheduled for February 2, the day after tomorrow.  The time from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm is complete here.  This is in addition to arranging lectures both offline and online.  Hopefully after that we will become proficient in listening to this lecture.  Let’s see how things work out here.  If I were to talk about our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he said in a recent conference that not everyone should think of corrupt regulation collectively and globally. 


So the overall pretense is that the Indian administrator is passionate about the regulation of cryptocurrencies.It is much more visible than ever before.  And agreeing to see how things work, whatever will be updated in terms of cryptocurrency regulation, is to mention the cryptocurrency savings account behind it.  Till also Admit Care and Goodbye.

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