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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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TextMe Up Calling & Texts APK ON G5APK


Feb 14, 2022


TextMeUp is an app that lets you send text messages or make excuses. All you have to realize is type in your Google or Facebook account and this showing off, you can begin calling or texting a friend.

    It is important to campaign that you will have a limited amount of buddies to make calls and send messages. If you have badly be sick making the right calls and text, it contains details of the monthly increments that you can pay through the app.

    One of the comprehensible features of the TextMeUp app is that you can call or confirm to a friend a propos the world. You can send photos, videos or audio messages from any country.

    TextMeUp is a collective communication app that lets you stay out of the ablaze for cheap, understandable and take in hand consideration of your buddies. Main Features

    A genuine phone number for apology – anonymous texting – anonymous calling – burner number, disposable number

    Statement of do amnesty for USA, Canada

    Real phone apology call, text apology

    Free voice mail

    Call forwarding

    MMS Image Messaging – Group Messaging App – Group Chat

    International calling

    Find the number.

    Custom signature drifting text set

    Custom text atmosphere, sent text solid

    Reminder of unread notice

    Custom Call Sky / Arena Broadcast

    Text filtering

    Call Filtering – Inbound calls to lock screen filtering

    Custom background / wallpaper

    video call

    Custom Voice Mail Congratulations

    Privacy – Anonymous – Passcode: Keep your text message private

    Privacy – Anonymous – Hide text messages, conversations

    Preview text messages — a propos speaking the lock screen.

    Text advertisement reminder

    Free wifi

    Share GPS location via text flyer / SMS / MMS.

    Burner Phone: Call Private Second Number for Text.

    Sign in via Facebook and Google.

    Compatible following Main Texting App: Google Voice, Talkin, Text Now, Text Free

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