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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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Top 5 FREE Trading Tools for Beginner Traders 2022 G5APK


Feb 17, 2022
 Some of these trading tools on this list you don’t use and i can guarantee that once you use them you will realize how strong they are especially the ones later on in this list i’ve done my fair share of trading so i’ve seen mostly all the trading websites

out there the premium ones where you have to spend a whole mortgage payment every month to use them the free ones but they don’t give you too much information and the ones i’m about to share free but with major amounts of value it’s free real estate all of these tools are completely free and they give you tons of information and can make you a much better trader so what’s not to like free and more money from trading sounds like a pretty good deal to me if you guys enjoy this video or maybe find a website that you like from this list give this video a like as my channel is pretty small at the moment and it helps my channel grow a lot and more importantly keeps me motivated to keep making videos like this so yeah please we are gonna start our list off strong number

5 nasdaq trader this website is for all my day traders out there if you have day traded before you know that trading halts are a big part of day trading if you aren’t familiar with trading halts it’s basically when a specific stock jumps up or down a huge amount in a short period of time if it does this the market will halt it meaning the price won’t rise or drop for a short period of time basically frozen usually for 5 or 10 minutes these can be insanely crucial for big gains as usually if a stock halts going upwards when it resumes a lot of the time it’ll do another huge spike or even better go up an insane amount again to where it gets halted a second time i’ve even seen some instances where it gets halted 4 times in a row well maybe you want a list of all these stocks that are currently halted well that’s when this website comes into play it gives you a complete list of stocks that are currently halted or that have been halted it also gives you the reason of the halt so there are volatility halts which are what we just talked about before there’s also news pending halts and halts because the nasdaq needs more information about that specific stock so what you can do is have this page up and it automatically refreshes by itself once you see a new ticker symbol check what time it was halted and see if it was halted going up or down depending if it went down or up you can get ready to go long or short if you want to know when the market will resume you simply see what time that specific stock halted and then add five minutes to that time usually it’ll unhalt then if it doesn’t then add 10 minutes to that time and it’ll unhalt there i should also be clear this style of trading is extremely risky as usually when the stock gets unhalted it has huge amounts of volatility so yeah you can make tons of money with this but you can also lose tons of money with this so just be careful also by the way all of the chart analysis is done on

trading view i absolutely love tradingview as in my opinion it’s the best chart platform out there and it’s completely free sure you can upgrade your account for their yearly subscription fee and get more indicators lower time frames and real-time market data i personally have the pro plan as i want access to all their extra features but if you’re a beginner and just need the basics with some indicators this chart platform is definitely for you and you don’t even need to spend a penny to start us off this chart works with basically everything stocks crypto forex futures bonds indexes everything just search whatever you want to look up and boom the chart will pop up you can even add them to personalized lists so if you want to make a personal watch list for every morning you just make a list and add the stocks to it and you can even color code them this way you can just click through each one quickly instead of typing the ticker symbol in every time it’s also a nice way to stay organized once you’re on a stock you like you can of course change the time frame to what you want to see then there’s an insane selection of tools to choose from some of my personal favorites are the trend lines you can draw them in any direction change the color size and even add alerts so you can get emailed if the price ever crosses that trendline then you have the fibonacci retracement tool which is a popular trading tool you have the option for text to leave notes on your trading plays which i find really useful to remind myself about certain plays there’s this long and short positions tool so you can see your trading plan and know what the risk to reward ratio is and finally you have the

measurement tool so say if you want to see the percentage gain if a stock goes from a to b you can just use the measurement tool and it’ll show you the percentage gain also whenever you’re on a certain stock you can see a bunch of key metrics quickly like the volume earnings income statement analyst ratings and so much more there’s also an option to leave notes so if you ever wanted to remind yourself details about this play or when you want to exit you can simply just leave a note and whenever you go back to the stock that note will be there you can even do some pretty advanced things like back test strategies to see how successful they are on past market data but i won’t go too in depth with that as it’s really advanced then of course one of my favorite parts drumroll please [Music] indicators trading view probably has the biggest selection of indicators compared to any other chart platform it’s kind of what they’re known for they have all the basic ones like moving averages v wap macd and so on then they also have customized community built ones and they even have ones to spot certain candlestick patterns which all are extremely useful another cool part about trading view a lot of people don’t know about is the idea section so say if you were interested in buying i don’t know apple you can type it in and see a bunch of different technical analysis from other traders in the community and see their explanations of why they think it’s bullish or bearish which is pretty cool next on our list is number three and it’s a must need if you’re a trader and want to take it seriously trader view i wonder how they thought of their name i know it kind of sounds like the last one but this one is different this website is really cool so it’s basically a trading journal where you can keep track of all your trades automatically and see how profitable you are over periods of time an important part about being a

successful trader is always improving it’s always nice to keep track of data like this as a trader so you can see if what you’re doing is working or not with the free version you can import up to 100 trades per month to do that just click this import trades tab select your broker and it’ll give you directions on how to find the csv file of your transactions you just upload that file and it’ll automatically add all your profits and losses so you don’t have to keep track manually which is pretty sweet it’ll give you tons of information on your past performance like your total gain or loss for that month average gain total amounts of trades win percentage total commissions and so much more if you want to take trading more seriously this is a must as an important part about becoming a successful trader is keeping track of your trades and seeing how you can improve one of my favorite parts of this website is the calendar feature so you can see each month and tell overall how you did how many green days versus how many red days sometimes that in itself can be a pretty useful metric to see if what you’re doing is working and best of all it’s completely free so why not next is number two so as we all know in the past there has been those gamestop and amc meme stock situations where there has been these huge pumps from social medias

like reddit where lots of shaders made the most amount of profit they have ever made in their trading career from these stocks have you ever thought i wonder if there’s a way to constantly scan the wall street bets subreddit so you can instantly find stocks that everyone is talking about before they even blow up that’s when this website comes into play swaggy stocks i know nice name right what this website does is constantly scan the wall street bet subreddit and ranks stocks in order by how much they are talked about on that subreddit you can put it on 12 hour 24 or one week time frame so here you can see the subreddit is currently talking about facebook as recently it dropped a ton but what’s even cooler is it’ll color code if it was a positive negative or neutral post so if you see a huge big green bar it might be a stock you should look into as a lot of redditors are talking about it in a positive way last but certainly not least is number one find this finviz is one of my all-time favorite trading websites as it’s completely free and gives you so much value like look at this home page look at all this information to start us off we have the stock market heat map so whenever you wake up in the morning get your coffee you can just hop on the femvis homepage and see if the overall market is doing good or not you can also see if certain sectors are doing better than others it also gives you a list of top gainers top losers and stocks with unusual volume which can usually be good plays if you’re into day trading one of my favorite parts about this website is right below this the chart patterns so let’s say you’re only interested in ascending triangles as you found a lot of success with this pattern and you only want to trade stocks that are making this specific pattern instead of scrolling through every single chart and seeing if they’re making an ascending triangle or not you can simply go to this section on thin biz and click triangle ascending it’ll then only give you stocks that are making an ascending triangle so you can go through them see if you like one and then do some more in-depth research about it to see if you’d be interested in trading it and they have so many more patterns like trend lines wedges triangles channeling up channeling down double tops double bottoms and head and shoulders so yeah that section alone makes this website pretty worthwhile then it has one of the infamous tools that it’s famous for the screener unlike most websites where you have to pay a monthly fee for their scanner fin visit

scanner is absolutely free and that’s pretty rare to find so say you only want to find mid cap stocks with a p e ratio of under 30 sales growth over 10 percent average volume of over 500k and has insider trading finvis will automatically filter through every single stock in the stock market and only show you ones that fit those exact requirements so you don’t have to loon

 through a bunch of fluff and only look at stocks that you’d genuinely be interested in and we really only scrape the surface with the filters there’s tons of different ones to choose from and some of them can be really powerful you also have these different tabs so maybe you want to see some financial metrics well you simply click the financial tab and it’ll bring up metrics like roa roe and roi or maybe you want to see if there’s any insider buying then just click the ownership tab and you can see insider ownership another nice feature is if you want to see a quick example of what the chart looks like you can simply just hover over the ticker and it’ll give you a quick preview that way you can see if you like the general style of the charter nut if you guys are interested in finviz or any of the other websites i showed i’ll put them in the description actually i made a video on all my finvis screener settings like settings for stocks to buy and hold bounce plays higher earnings dividend stocks and so much more so if you want some nice screener settings these have worked wonders for me watch that video thanks 

All Websites Link Here 👇👇

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