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  • Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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Welcome to your USU Library


Jun 14, 2022

 hi and welcome to the Utah State University Libraries as a statewide campus or online student you have access to all the same great library resources that students have in Logan which we’ll talk about in this video as USU students you would likely be assigned research projects where you need to find reliable information and as you may have already found by searching Google many scholarly journals and magazines are not freely available online but by searching through USU databases you can get past those payables and access millions of great resources that you otherwise would not have access to another cool thing about our libraries is that if you find an article that for some reason the library does not have access to you can request it through interlibrary loan and we can email you a

PDF copy within 48 hours all you need to do to find these sources is to log in to the library website with your a number and banner password once you’ve successfully logged in you can view articles from anywhere you have an internet connection using library databases is a great place to do research for your papers because not only do they include peer-reviewed articles which are written interviewed by experts in the field you can also find current magazines newspapers and encyclopedia entries which are a great place for background information on top of this our databases also work well with citation managers such as Zotero and EndNote so if that’s something you’re interested in feel free to ask us more about those services another resource you will probably need throughout your time at USU is ebooks our library has a large collection of ebooks which you can access by logging in with your a number and banner password you can then search for them in the library catalog on our website at libraries.psu.edu if the book is not available electronically or if you really prefer physical books the meril gives your library on the Logan campus can send you the books from our physical collection to your home free of charge along with a prepaid return label all you need to do to request a book is to log into our interlibrary loan system and make sure you select distance ed as your campus location we know that research assignments can be stressful and it can be overwhelming to try to locate relevant information but as USU students you have access to many great

resources that will help you make this process a lot easier including our wonderful librarians at USU we have 27 research librarians each specializing in a specific discipline ranging from economics to music to psychology no matter what you may there’s a librarian who has ample experience in your subject just type in the major subject under me with the librarian to find a librarian best suited to help you also another great thing to remember is that on the lower left-hand side of each of your canvas courses is a research help tab this links to a guide filled with helpful research tips specific to that class and will also provide the contact information for your classes personal librarian you can set up an appointment with to get some more help if you need quick live assistance from a librarian you can always use our chat box which you can find on the library home page here you can get help finding and evaluate information sources integrating library resources into your paper and a lot more if you need additional help about the online research process in general you can always reach out to our online librarian Tegan Eastman or to our statewide campuses librarian Erin Davis we are always happy to help and remember the USU libraries are your libraries no matter where you’re at

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